Compostable and Marine Biodegradable
Six-Pack Rings

     Our Biosustainable™️ Six-Pack Rings are a new way to pack drinks. Not all bioplastics are marine degradable since salty ocean environments have limited bacteria and oxygen, but Singular has a unique solution. We combined various marine-degradable materials and created a multi-layer bioplastic product that’s strong and durable for everyday use. Once in the water, it breaks apart into very thin layers (1/1000 mm) that start degrading and losing integrity within days, posing no danger to wildlife through strangulation or ingestion.

     Unlike similar products on the market, Biosustainable™️ Six-Pack Rings do not contain the harmful chemical PFAA or any other toxins, and therefore are digestible, unlike regular plastic. The thin, strong, and flexible material feels like regular six-pack rings but uses fewer resources which keeps the cost down and ensures it’s environmentally sustainable. 

How it works

Biosustainable™️ Six-Pack Rings are made from alternating layers of marine biodegradable plastic and marine biodegradable soluble plastic. Within 24 hours of being submerged in water, these sheets will separate, fall apart, and start to degrade. The sheets very strong together, but when they separate into layers only a few microns (1/1000 of a mm) thick, they become weak enough for anything to break out of if caught, and can even be digested by any marine wildlife.

The soluble layers are surrounded by the stronger, but still marine biodegradable layers, as to make sure the product does not fall apart immediately if there's any moisture. Our product will biodegrade only when it does end up in lakes, rivers, and oceans, but will act as any other six-pack rings while in storage.


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