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Compostable Hot Drink Paper Cups
Coated With Bioplastic

     The important fact that many don’t realize is that only 1 in 400 paper cups get recycled. The plastic lining on the inside of all paper cups allows it to withstand moisture and heat, but it’s also tremendously difficult to remove and thus, difficult to recycle. Contamination from any liquids inside can make the recycling process even more difficult. In most recycling plants, sorters will send the paper cups straight to the landfill since recycling it is both tedious and ineffective cost-wise.

     Biosustainable™️ cups present a solution. They look identical to other cups, but they are coated with BPI-approved bioplastic, making the cup 100% certified compostable and bio-based. This removes the problem of recycling coating and contaminated hard-to-wash cups, as well as competes with notoriously hard to recycle polystyrene cups. It can withstand temperatures of over 100°C, more than 40°C above other bioplastics that meet the same biodegradability standards, and are customizable in terms of sizing and printing.

How it works


Biosustainable™️ cups, approved by the Biodegradable Products Institute, are very similar to regular cups and should not affect the consumer’s experience in any way. It removes the costly need of separating the layers and attempting to wash contamination off of a paper cup (paper itself isn’t really waterproof), and is a big step forward towards a sustainable future.


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